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Our goal is to elevate any project we touch. Whether we’re injecting artistic shots, motion graphics, point of view, or a new design, we do the research and create a product that exceeds expectations. We are obsessed with design, technology, technique, and beauty. In a crowded industry, we aspire to make relevant work that helps formulate a conversation with the broader world.

DarkHorse is the culmination of over a dozen years in the media space. Our team has worked with innovative start-ups, media companies, Fortune 500 companies, and advertising agencies. Our headquarters is in Los Angeles but we work all over the world.


Joshua Winkler

Joshua has been creating content since college. He started out studying photography and writing at UC Berkeley. After cutting his teeth at SMUGGLER NY he was a founding partner at the online content magazine InTheMO. There he travelled the world producing over 3500 short videos on various cultural icons and tastemakers. Since founding DarkHorse Josh has directed video campaigns for brands such as HP, Lenovo, Ford, Kia, Starbucks, Guess, Macys, and Hyatt.

Lizzie Shook

Lizzie brings a plethora of production experience spanning JWT, BBH, and Anomaly creative agencies, Arcade Edit and Facebook. She has produced just about every piece of content from TV spots to interactive experiences to social media commercials. When things get bumpy her cool demeanor kicks in and she helps guide any production to a successful conclusion. She is a true veteran of the field.


What We Do

We are equipped to handle all phases of production including Creative Development, Location Scouting and Booking, Casting, Story Boards, Sound Engineering, Cinematography, Styling, Hair and Make-Up, Wardrobe, Color Grading, Mixing, Motion Graphics, Deliver and most other aspects of your project.


Our Process

We work with a variety of clients on a variety of projects. Advertising Agencies, Marketing Departments, Content Sites, PR Firms, and Start Ups … We create social media content, shoot behind the scenes videos, product videos, travel videos, photography, design packaging and websites …. none of them are exactly the same. But they all start the same way, with a conversation. From there we get a sense of the scope, budget and schedule.

We outline expectations, creative direction, and estimate in the form of a pitch deck. With some projects we work in tandem with creative teams while with other projects we develop the creative approach internally. Regardless of the creative development, each project is segmented into a pre-production, production and post-production phases. Our producers guide our clients through each phase of the job. After each client sign-off, we move to the next step, and the next, towards the ultimate goal: a reel worthy project that make bosses gleam with pride.

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