Dark Horse

The Process

We work with a variety of clients on a variety of projects. Advertising Agencies, Marketing Departments, Content Sites, PR Firms, and Start Ups … We create social media content, shoot behind the scenes videos, product videos, travel videos, photography, design packaging and websites …. none of them are exactly the same. But they all start the same way, with a conversation.

From there we get a sense of the scope, budget and schedule. We outline expectations, creative direction, and estimate in the form of a pitch deck. Sometimes there are creative teams that work with us other times we develop the creative approach. Each project is build out into a pre-production, production and post-production phase. Our producers guild our clients through each phase of the job. After client sign-off, we move to the next step, and the next, and the next, towards the ultimate goal: a reel worthy project that makes bosses gleam with pride.

Let’s Work Together!

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